Annetje Webber
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Everardus Bogardus (ID: 28) 28 - 660,017 Bogardus-Jans

Annetje's first husband was Roelof Janszon who she married at the age of 19 in Amsterdam.   They had 3 daughters in Amsterdam.  After living in Rensselaerswijck, the family moved to New Amsterdamin 1634, where Roelof became foreman of one of the farms belonging to the DWIC.   He died in 1637.  She had 4 sons with Bogardus.

Govert Loockermans was her brother-in-law.

Everhardus Bogardus (28) (b. 1607, d. 1647) was the 2nd domine in the province of New Netherlands.  He arrived in 1633.  In 1638 he married Anneke Jans (660,017), a widow with 4 children and a 162-acre farm on the Hudson River. He had many quarrels with the leaders of New Amsterdam, and was himself charged with drunkeness, meddling, and foul language.  In September 1647, leaving his family behind, Bogardus sailed on the Princess bound for Holland to defend himself in court.  The Princess was wrecked in a storm, and Bogardus drowned.   
Firth Haring Fabend,  The Quarreling Domine from her article, Compassionate Calvinism published in de Halve Maen.

From this article we learn that Annetje Jans was widowed at least twice.  TD.